Organize and Archive Your Artworks

We know artists.
We appreciate the time, energy, and costs it takes to make art. Organizing and archiving your artworks may seem like a chore. That is why we created artAttendant. Our platform was designed with you in mind.  With our free cloud-based art archive, art inventory management is a breeze. Our online art collection database is intuitive and doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of fields or complexity.

Cloud-based Art Inventory Management
Archive all your artwork details in your own private cloud-based collection. Access your collection from multiple devices simply by logging into your account.

Studio Inventory Management
Catalog your complete art inventory including availability, value, location, acquisitions, and collectors.

Unlimited Document Archive
Digitally archive important documents by attaching press releases, consignment forms, sales records, press features, and more to each artwork record.

Be confident knowing your information is private and secure and can only be accessed with your account login information. Artworks listed in Discover do not include any private information.

Add up to 10 images to each artwork record and access them anytime.

Sell & Share
Leave the credit card transaction processing to us. Use the “share” tools in Discover to easily promote your artworks on social media, allowing collectors to purchase directly from artAttendant at their convenience with the Purchase option. Use the email option to include an artwork in digital announcements for upcoming exhibitions, new artworks, studio specials and more, or send full artwork details to individual collectors for online purchases.

Track Consignments & Locations
Record and update activity for individual artworks, including consignments, loans, storage locations, and more.

Affordable & Intuitive
Our site is free and easy to use. Our intuitive cloud-based platform allows you to spend less time wrestling with complicated, expensive archiving systems and more time creating your artwork. Inquire about our affordable Archive Services.

Safe & Secure
We automatically back-up your data daily and recommend that you periodically purchasing a copy of your data affordably priced at $49.95 per export migration.

Cloud-based platform
Access anytime online from any device. We recommend using a larger device such as a laptop or desktop for set-up and data entry. iPad and mobile phone are great options for uploading images and sharing on the go.

Supportive Services
Our fast, knowledgeable, and friendly support team always available to assist you. We offer archive solutions for members who need extra help. Contact us today.