5 Best Photoshop Tools for Web Designers

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January 23, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

Websites are an effective way to communicate about your brand, create awareness and gain traffic. To make a website look attractive and appealing, web designers and developers are using the most standard software, Adobe Photoshop. It is a user-friendly software and offers a bundle of unique tools and useful photo editing packages that help to unleash the creativity of amateurs and professionals alike. Although it is not a website design and development tool, but it can easily be used to make templates and check how a website will look after completion.

Photoshop tools are common, and the designers are quite familiar with them, but there are still some more cool tools out there. It is just up to the selection of the best tools to make your work look flawless.

Here are the 5 best Photoshop tools for web designers to make your website look great.

Web Font Plugin

Web font, a free plug-in; has a bulk of Google and WebINK fonts for the designers to use in the creation of a website mock-ups. You get an all in one package with the access to more than 1000 Web INK fonts  to easily select the one that best fits your web project.


GuideGuide works within Photoshop limitations and does all the scaling, in fact, does a great job of handling math. It will render all the pixel measurements as required or will get it done as closely as possible with the positions rounded to the nearest pixel size by grids system thus saves from many worries in web design.


CSS Hat, one of the most powerful tools of Photoshop which precisely creates CSS code for the particular layer and eventually saves time and efforts of designers. The tool basically measures layer sizes, identifies the font and gives design preview. In this manner, designers get to know the look and feel of the design before it goes live on the website.

Even though these tools and hack assist in the designing process  but nevertheless cannot compete with the work of the custom website designers. These companies work tirelessly on individual projects, making it unique by devising creative and exquisite designs for a responsive website.


The trend of skeuomorphism has moved to flat designs. The flat style is categorized by a minimalist, bright & bold colors, good typography, and a plain user interface. It is a tool created for the web designers consisting of more than 31000 vector icons for styling designs on a website.


Designers are no more into creating stagnant wireframes for a website; they simply don’t need to use codes to build an exquisite, attractive and responsive website. This daunting task can be easily carried out by the prototyping tool, Codly.

Codly is one of the best wireframing tool in Photoshop that one must use to instantly prepare UI prototypes.  It saves the designers work and time by providing drag and drops elements to prepare screens for application without writing a single line of code. The design once completed can be converted to a document to a functioning mobile design for Android, iOs, Windows, etc.


Photoshop is not the only dependent software for web design; it is more of an image manipulation software that works well in few scenarios of creating grids, font selection, CSS and automated codes.

All custom website design firms are making a good way through good work. They have all the techniques needed to create their custom web designs. The use of the above-mentioned tools and plugins helps the designer in making a fresh, artistic and a unique design for a website. It is just the knowledge one should have to use an adequate Photoshop tool for web designs, and the rest works along with it.


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