Getting Started Organizing Art

Get Started IconOften the most challenging part of creating an archive is getting started. artAttendant makes organizing artwork online easy and painless. Create your free account and start archiving in minutes.┬áThe artwork organizing tool is available to everyone but especially for artists, collectors, dealers, and institutions. We’ve create one easy and straightforward process without tons of data fields to organize your artwork online.

Three steps for starting to organize your art collection:

  1. Artwork Selection:
    We think starting small is a good idea. We recommend you start by selecting your top three favorite artworks in your collection or studio inventory.
  2. Woman with cell phone photographing large paintingPhotography:
    Take a digital photo of each of these artworks with your smartphone or camera. (If you already have a digital photograph of the artwork, keep it handy).
  3. Documentation:
    Gather any hardcopy paper documents related to these three artworks (purchase receipts, insurance documents, notes, etc.).

You are now ready to create your first three art archive records.

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Already Have You Collection Documented? Data migration is the easy way to get set up.

Upload IconIf you have a spreadsheet of information about your collection, artAttendant can migrate your information into your account for $49.99 per import. You can also create an external back-up of your collection in artAttendant for $49.99 per export.
Download the migration template


How to manually add artworks to artAttendant:

  1. Create a free Account
  2. Select Add Artworks
  3. Upload photos and complete the form with the following information:
    Artist, Title, Year, Type, Medium/Material, Measurements, Description etc.
  4. Select Save as Private or Save as Public
    Public artworks will be available to view in the Discovery section. You may choose to have them for sale, for rent or loan or just as available for others to view.
  5. Once a record has been created, select Artworks to access the Table Data View where your collection details will be listed.

For more advanced tips see Understanding the Fields
Adding Artwork Screen

Helpful Tips for Organizing Art on artAttendant

  • A desktop or laptop computer is our recommended device for entering and uploading your archive.
  • Mobile phone photos are good for personal records but we recommend any artwork you make public in the Discovery section be professional for best sales and visibility.
  • Public photos posted in the Discover section must adhere to the artAttendant image specifications.