Simple Art Collection Management: Get your art organized online!  

Three Easy Steps to organizing your artwork

Number 1 in Red Circle
Gather Artwork Info

Collect records, receipts, invoices, and images and other records related to your artworks.


Number 2 in red circleInput Artwork Info
Create a separate record for each artwork using information s from paper and & digital records and artwork provenance labels. Complete as many fields as possible, for example . title, year, medium, dimensions, costs, etc.

  • Less than 50 artworks: Create individual records with the add artwork template.
  • 50 + artworks:  We recommend downloading the migration template, and adding your artwork information to this spreadsheet. Submit your completed template for automated data migration to Our Archive Services will migrate your data for $75.

Number 3 in red circle
Upload Images & Documents
Upload images, and PDF documents. Use the
Description field to tell your story. Whether the artwork is listed as Private or Public, anecdotes regarding how this artwork was made or acquired become part of your legacy.


Art Details for Collection Management

Get Started ButtonMobility & Ease: easy access online at any time for reference and sharing. Once your archive on artAttendant is established, your digital art archive can travel with you on your mobile device and on your desktop computer at home and office.

For more, see our 1-minute orientation video


Art Collection Management on artAttendant

Here’s some more info to help you get oriented to our artwork database management platform

Once a record has been created, select Artworks to access this Table Data View where your collection details will be listed. With the exception of the first two columns, all fields are editable for quick and easy data entry. Be sure to select the check mark to save your edits. The search box in the upper right allows members to create custom sets. Any fields that are not relevant to your archive can be utilized for individual needs.

Screen of Table View Data Art Collection Management
Table View Data on artAttendant


To customize your  Data Table View, locate the down arrow in the upper right above the headers in Table Mode. A drop down menu appears where you can select which fields you want to see in table mode. All visible fields on this page are editable.

You can sort the information on this page either alphabetically or numerically by selecting the header of each column. For example, if you wish to view your collection by year, click on the header of the year column and your artworks will appear in chronological order. If you wish to view by location, select the location header and your artworks will be arranged by location.

You can view your collection alphabetically by Artist, Artwork titleLocation or Consigned To/Collected By. You can view your collection numerically by CostPriceYear or Inventory Number. You can also sort by status. You can refine information by using the search box in the upper right.

The Visual Image View is designed to display your collection using larger images and fields cannot be edited.

Art Collection Visual Image View
Visual Image View Art Collection


You can toggle from Table Data View to Visual Image View by selecting this icon in upper right:

artAttendant Art Collection Management Icon Glossary

 Delete sign X Delete

 Edit Icon Edit Artwork

 View Icon View Artwork

Filter and Refine Icon Refine

View Grid Icon Switch View

Eye Public Icon Public

Private Eye Icon Private

Profile People Icon Your Profile

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