Online Shopping for Art with Credit CardWe created artAttendant to be a platform for the arts community to collect and connect. Learn more about buying and selling artwork online in our simple and free art marketplace.

Selling art on artAttendant

It is free to join the artAttendant archive community and list artworks in our online art marketplace: Discover. Our low and transparent fees are as follows.

When an artwork is sold on artAttendant:

  • artAttendant collects 100% of the funds and processes payment
  • We distribute 87% of the sale price to the Seller after Buyer approval
  • We keep 13% of the total sale:  10% commission and a 3% credit card transaction fee

Please consider our fee structure when pricing your artworks. Artworks published without a retail price cannot be sold or purchased through artAttendant.

Our team of experts is here assist you with a smooth transaction. The Seller is notified to ship the work when artAttendant has collected payment. Once the artwork has been received, the Buyer approves and rates the transaction and artAttendant releases the funds (retail price less 10% commission and 3% credit card fee) to the Seller. The Seller is responsible for packing artworks for safe transport.

Online Artwork Sales Tips

Photo Icon1. Images:
Good images make all the difference. We recommend using clear, straightforward images and/or include multiple images that accurately depict the artwork, frame, signature etc. artAttendant reserves the right to remove images that are not up to our standards.

Clipboard Icon2. Description:

Tell your story. Adding a description allows audiences to form a deeper connection with what they are seeing. We recommend including a short paragraph about the artwork or the artist, or a fun fact about how or where you acquired or made the work. Artworks with compelling and concise informative descriptions are much more likely to be shared with others and on social media.

“Buyer education is key. 52% of online art buyers state that content is important to their platform choice (up from 42% in 2016). This suggests that buyers are looking for more than just buying artwork. They are attributing significant value to the educational experience.” – Hiscox 2017 Online Trade Report.

Dollar Signs3. Price:
Clearly state the price. Buyers cannot purchase your artwork using the purchase option if no price is listed. Artworks with published retail prices are more likely to be shared.


Search Magnifying Glass Icon4. Online Search Visibility Tips:
Search Engine Optimization is a term that people often use but many do not fully grasp its meaning. Here are a few simple practices that will increase your online visibility:

a. Title your image files to include the artist’s name. Example: firstname_lastname.jpg, firstnamelastname.jpg, or firstname-lastname.jpg etc.. This allows the image to be included in results when someone searches for the artist’s name.

b. Use content rich words in your artwork public description. By including words that directly relate to you as an artist or to the artwork, as well as relevant words that are being searched often by other people, you will connect to a broader audience. Example: if your work has been shown at an important museum, include that museum name in your artwork description. This allows your listing to be included in the results when a search engine has been tasked to search for that museum.

Thumbs Up Icon Social Media5. Share on social media:
Our easy share options allow you to share your listing directly to your social network. This allows your community to purchase artworks conveniently online.

Buying art with confidence on artAttendant

Woman on laptop in cafeCompleting and archiving transactions is seamless with artAttendant. When an artwork is purchased, the record is automatically entered and archived into your private collection including image, cost, and artwork details.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. artAttendant holds funds until the Buyer has received and approved the purchase or within three (3) business days of receipt (whichever is first). If a Buyer is not satisfied with a purchase made through artAttendant, the Buyer must notify artAttendant within three (3) business days to initiate the return process (unless arrangements have been made otherwise).

By default, shipping expense is the responsibility of the Buyer. Seller assumes the expense and responsibility of adequate packing.

Art Return Process:

  •  artAttendant must be notified of return within three (3) business days at
  • Artworks must be returned in same condition as arrived and in original packing.
  • Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the Buyer, unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Reimbursement for returns will occur to same payment method as original purchase within five (5) business days after the return has been received.
  • If the artworks received were damaged, please notify us immediately at

Terms & Conditions:

Our team of experts is here assist you with a smooth transaction. Here is how it works:

  • artAttendant collects payment and notifies Seller
  • Seller packs and ships the artwork
  • Buyer receives the artwork and approves the sale
  • Buyer and Seller rate the transaction; the review is made public
  • artAttendant releases funds to Seller. If the purchase was made with a credit card, a 3% fee is deducted prior to the to the commission calculation. A 30¢ credit card transaction fee is also deducted for purchases under $100.

Artwork Sales Agreement

The following is the default, agreed upon online marketplace protocol unless otherwise outlined in writing between artAttendant and any Buyer or Seller.

The Seller is responsible for:

  • Accurate Artwork Descriptions
  • Packing Artwork safely for agreed transit and for covering packing expenses.
  • Return Shipment Expense if artwork is damaged as a result of inadequate packing
  • Return Shipment Expense if artwork is misrepresented in listing.
  • Seller agrees to indemnify artAttendant and its employees, agents and representatives for any liability arising out of a transition or sale that is found to be the fault of the Seller, including providing attorneys fees in the event artAttendant is named in any litigation in connection with any sale or transaction.
  • Responding to Buyer or artAttendant questions in a timely manner.
• Updating listings to make sure that the item is still available and is accurate.

The Buyer/Purchaser is responsible for:

  • All Shipping Expenses
  • Return shipping expense if artwork is sent on approval
  • Reporting and submitting documentation for any issues within 3 days of receipt.
  • Buyer agree to indemnify artAttendant and its employees, agents and representatives for any liability arising out of a transition or sale that is found to be the fault of the buyer, including providing attorneys fees in the event artAttendant is named in any litigation in connection with any sale or transaction.
  • Returns must be initiated within 3 business days of receipt unless otherwise arranged.
  • Buyer is responsible for documenting any issues and making them known to both artAttendant and the Seller prior to release of funds to Seller (within 3 business days).
  • Buyer agrees to adequately pack the artwork for return.
  • If the issue is the result of the transit company the party who is responsible for shipping expense must contact the transit company for resolution.
If it is determined that an issue is the result of inadequate packing, the Seller is responsible for return shipping expenses.

All parties agree to the following:

  • artAttendant acts as online market place and transaction agent. 
• artAttendant collects all payment for the artwork and provides it to Seller after three days from receipt of artwork by Buyer/Purchaser less sales commission and 3% credit card fee if payment is made by credit card. A 30¢ transaction fee is also deducted for transactions under $100.
  • artAttendant is not held liable for seller or buyer actions.
  • If an issue arises, artAttendant reserves the right to do the right thing for both buyer and seller
  • artAttendant does not guarantee the authenticity or condition of the artwork which are the responsibility of the seller.

For additional information see our FAQ or Terms & Conditions

Please contact us if you have additional questions.