Art Insurance

Woman walking under skylightYou’ve invested time and money into making art or building your collection—archiving on artAttendant is a great step in protecting your investment. By maintaining accurate records of each artwork, you are on your way to determining value. Purchasing adequate art insurance will help you prepare for the unexpected and protect your valuable assets.

Art Insurance Coverage Considerations:

Here’s some things to consider in art insurance coverage:

  • Physical Location of Art (studio, home, storage)
  • Physical Artwork Materials (type of paint, photography process, sculpture materials)
  • Insurance Coverage for Fires & Natural Disasters
  • Artwork Theft or Damage Insurance Coverage
  • Artwork Shipping & Handling Insurance Coverages
  • Special Art Insurance for Events & Exhibitions

Whether you are an artist making art, or collecting artworks as an investment, as a hobby or as a passion project, purchasing collection insurance guarantees your precious investment will be protected.

It is best to store your collection records somewhere other than your home or studio. Digitally archiving your art on artAttendant is an ideal location to store your valuable artwork information.

Art Insurance Partner

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Bluewater Insurance is our Premier Insurance Partner. The Bluewater team is dedicated to protecting what the collector or artist holds most dear—their valued collection—and to focuses their energy on client’s individual needs. Request a quote to insure the art that you love. They are a pleasure to work with and their premiums are reasonable.

(pssst…they are the best)