Why organize art on artAttendant?

Man looking at sculpture on wallCloud-based art collection management has never been easier to use or more affordable. Take your archive with you!

artAttendant artwork archive system is

    • free
    • cloud-based
    • versatile
    • easy to use

We keep your collection in order so you don’t have to. Whether building your collection or tracking your own artworks, we provide resources and solutions to support your archiving needs and help you get organized.

Padlock with StarProtect & Preserve Your Legacy

As an artist or collector, an archive is essential to managing every aspect and stage of your efforts. Accurate, well-documented collections have more value and build legacy for artists and collectors alike. It is our goal to make the archiving process easy for everyone. Whether you collect for yourself or create for others, having an archive provides access to the art you love.

Computer and Mobile PhoneOnline Visibility is Now Accessible to All

artAttendant makes buying, selling, and sharing easier than ever with the click of a button!

Collective online marketplaces generate more traffic than most individual websites. artAttendant artworks can be recorded as Private for your own viewing or saved as Public to be shared online in Discover for reference, sale, loan, or rent. Join our community of artAttendant members and increase the exposure of the art that you make or collect.

Two People IconsInsurance & Estate Benefits

A documented art archive supports the value and legacy of the artwork you love. Digitally archiving your collection with artAttendant takes the guesswork out of estate management. Use the optional Dashboard total to see your artwork insurance values at a glance.

artAttendant offers you access to your information online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Too busy to archive? Inquire about our Archive Services today. We are here to help.