Art Estate Planning

Safeguard your artwork legacy by cataloguing and archiving your artwork digitally. Whether you are collecting or making art, a responsible archive practice will support your collection or creation legacy. It’s easy to begin art estate planning on our free platform for artwork archives.

Considering both the intrinsic and market value of your art collection, it’s essential to include a documented archive as a part of your estate plan.

Three reasons to archive for estate planning

  1. Make life easier for your beneficiaries.
  2. Have a say in the authenticity and preservation of your art legacy and story.
  3. Minimize authenticity issues, legal problems, and probate litigation.

“Lack of access to an artist’s records can be detrimental, particularly for an artist at the end of his or her life. There’s a critical moment…art historically speaking, after an artist dies…if art historians and critics don’t have access to that material then interest wanes…It has a chilling effect on interest in th at artist’s legacy. So access is really important.”
– Jason Stieber, Archives of American Art